A blog I just started following: “Say Hello, Yellow”

I think a lot of us sibs grow up feeling like we have to do everything on our own, because of the lack of independence so many of our sibs have had, and how often we get drawn into parent-type roles. So I don’t always use SibNet, as I’ve said, although I’m trying to re-engage, and I haven’t historically followed a lot of sibling blogs.

Things can change!

I just wanted to share this entry from a blog I just started following, called Say Hello, Yellow. It’s written by both a sister and a mom. How I know these people are my kind of people? They cook together!

Check out this recipe for banana oat cookies.

I may have to send this recipe to Lily’s apartment. She loves cookies, and this is a “safe” recipe for those of us whose sisters like to eat the unbaked cookie dough. 😉