Marking time (July 2013)

I’ve been very quiet here recently. There are a lot of reasons for that: jury duty, writing assignments at work, looking for new jobs, managing my own symptoms while still getting used to new meds and having the weather be weird, desire not to think too carefully about the kinds of things I post here. You know: life.

I’m not sure, right now, when I’ll have time to post again, but post again I shall! I think I’m close to being ready to talk about how people perceive Lily, right now, as she’s been having a lot of adventures with new supported living staff and trying new activities under our parents’ supervision. And, wow, she’s 30 now. (How did that happen??) And I am now 33. (Again: what happened??) Funny moment: I was on the phone with Lily and my dad, and they were using a speakerphone. Dad teased me that I was getting old, and I sort of sighed over it and conceded that I was old. Lily immediately responded with, “Oh, you’re an old girl!” Definitely mortified me a little, but it made everyone laugh. (My mom heard it from the other room, and later commented that it was quite a logical statement from Lily, since she considers me a girl, not a lady. “Woman” isn’t really in Lily’s vocabulary, somehow.)

The good news is that things aren’t scary, as far as Lily is concerned, right now. I don’t feel stable in my own life, but she seems relatively happy and, from what I’ve been told, hasn’t even had a lot of seizures recently.

And with that said, I need to get back to work and errands and chores. Hopefully I’ll be back online soon.


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