From the spam comments…

Dude, the random stuff that comes up in the spam filter sometimes makes me laugh. Like this:

Now the man becomes agitated — why are you being shallow and selfish? Do you not care about any of his other good qualities? Didn’t you just hear him say that he always remembers his girlfriend’s birthday? In light of all of the good things he does, does it really matter if he knows how to perform surgery?

Which – yes, spam! – has nothing to do with anything I’ve written here. And my very first thought, upon reading it (besides that it was stolen from somewhere else) was: as a patient, as a professional educator, as a HUMAN, you’d better BELIEVE that I care if someone knows how to perform surgery…if that is that person’s job or they are asked to perform surgery. And the narrative structure of that little bit of text made me think that’s what was at stake.

And what do you know? I found the source of the spam text: an article on Cracked! I’m not sure whether I agree with the substance of that article, after a quick read (I find it a bit reductionist and it seems to endorse a way of life I don’t see or accept as a universal human experience), but I am relieved that I was meant to understand that remembering a partner’s birthday (which, hey, good for you! most people like that!) is not really what the world expects when you are in a situation where someone is bleeding on the ground.

This concludes my break from work to check the spam filter. I now return you to your life.


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