Blog stuff: short hiatus

I’m in the process of changing medications to manage my symptoms and going through yet. another. round. of “exhaustive” blood tests (the phlebotomist/nurse was startled by the length of the order), as I’m struggling with nausea and am getting headaches more days than not. Somehow I am still managing to show up and not be entirely unproductive at work.

My sister is in a staffing flux that I think is upsetting her a bit – I called her last night and she couldn’t remember the name of the staffer who was helping her during that shift, and was more insistent than usual that she be allowed to talk to Mom and some other staffers she knows better. (How weird and scary it must be for her – to have to trust a stranger to help her, when she can’t see and can’t always say what she needs to communicate!)

So: I need to focus on self-care instead of blogging for a bit. I’ll still be monitoring the blog, but don’t plan on posting for a bit.

See you on the other side of this…


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