Quick post: Lily is funny

My mother told me that Lily was talking about our dad’s birthday with the woman who works with her on weekday afternoons. Apparently, the staffer asked Lily how many candles Dad should have on his cake, and Lily replied that Dad was “too old for candles.”

Which is funny for all of the obvious reasons about people with too many candles on their cakes, but it’s also funny because Lily has this tendency to ask (over and over and OVER AND OVER) how old we are, and Dad’s stock answer for something like a decade now has been, “I’m too old.” (For the record, he’s in his late 50s.)

I love the way my sister’s wit and humor are developing along with her vocabulary. The other story I got tonight was that Lily modified her tactics regarding getting dessert. My folks have cut back on dessert a lot in the last year or two, and it wasn’t like we regularly had fancy desserts even before that. (Lily sort of was the exception to this.) Last night, then, instead of her normal nightly pleas or demands for ice cream or cookies, Lily just asked for whipped cream (which she still just calls cream). After that, she asked for chocolate sauce. Then she asked for ice cream. [insert faux tearful sniff here] My baby sister is growing up! We all still think her interest in whipped cream is so funny that Mom and Dad have rarely given her a bit in a spoon or small bowl, so clearly she’s learned the valuable lesson that sometimes you can negotiate from what you’ve been given before.

When I see her over my Thanksgiving break from work, I will definitely give her a high-five for her efforts.


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