Small versus big problems

Tonight, the world is watching my country’s elections. There are major differences in the way the two presidential candidates approach foreign policy, after all, and some aspects of domestic policy that are much more global in impact than we always recognize. And I’m enough of a political junkie that I’m totally engaged – following the live results, talking with friends about the elections, etc.

But at the same time, I feel a bit stunned. Yesterday, I saw a new doctor – local, given my relocation for my new job – and she agrees that my condition should be labeled as fibromyalgia. And tonight I learned, in conversation with my mom, that Lily is sick. Not “just” having caught my mom’s respiratory infection, of course. Poor Lily has two infections, per her doctor’s assessment. Yikes!

I know that this election means a lot. I know that the way health care and our social safety net are structured may hang in the balance. I know that’s critical to my future, and that of my friends and community and my sister, but right now? I am so, so sad for Lily, and so scared for myself, and I just wish I could give her a hug and make her some soup.

Even though I also know that Lily is super cranky when she is sick and we’d be tired of each other very fast!


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