Quick hits: Hurricane Sandy, Halloween, and birthdays

Hurricane Sandy has caused me a bit of stress. I hope that everyone affected is doing okay, and I hope that those people without power or clean water get it restored soon.


My family, being Jewish, does not celebrate Halloween. My family, being decent, does hand out candies to kids who go trick-or-treating. My mom was delighted to report that two of the kids who came by their house had visible disabilities, and were being assisted by people who seemed to be their families. I hope that those of you who have sibs with special needs and who do celebrate Halloween (and the other holidays happening around now) are able to enjoy an inclusive, happy time!


My dad’s birthday is coming up. Lily’s first idea was to get him soda for his birthday. Her second idea was to get him cookies. He has early-stage, well-controlled diabetes…which she doesn’t know/understand. The soda and cookies that come into the house are not the kind she knows how to buy! 🙂 I’ve suggested to her (and her staff) that Lily make some bookmarks for Dad, who is an avid reader. I’ve asked Mom to help out, too, possibly by helping Lily and her team to get the bookmarks laminated. We’ll see how that works. Lily has, in theory, agreed to this, during a phone call we has last weekend. I’m glad to have her offer her ideas for Dad’s birthday.

But sometimes it’s a little sad that my sister doesn’t quite Get It and I have to do “extra” thinking to make sure that she is as much part of family activities as I am.


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