Sometimes, sisters have to be sisters

Sometimes I feel bad about not calling my sister very often. She’s such a social person, after all, and given the physical distance between us, it’s nice to check in with her.

Calling her when she’s at her apartment, however, is actually a little weird. I have to rely on her staff to help with the logistics of the phone. Lily has some oddities to her hearing, and doesn’t quite have the motor skills and sense of spatial organization, so using speakerphone is a must with her. The staff don’t always realize or remember that. Calling her when she’s with my parents often triggers her sibling rivalry, and sometimes my parents are so engaged with me that they either seem to forget that she’s trying to be part of the conversation, or miss that she and I are talking to each other.

I am with my parents now, as my grandmother’s funeral was yesterday. I felt Lily’s absence acutely; recognizing a loss and being with so much family made me want to be with her. My travel itinerary has been pretty intense for the last couple of days, but today I have time and space just to be with my family. And I get to see Lily, and we can just be sisters, without logistics between us.


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