Quick followup: safety and staffing in supported living

Things seem to be returning to normal with my sister’s staffing – the supervisor thinks she knows which staffers are totally in the clear, and Lily is back to her apartment.

What I wanted to be clear about here is:
– I am glad that there’s a protocol in place to look into weird observations. Having a standard operating procedure helps everyone keep calm, I think, and protects the clients.
– I am pretty sure this was not a reason to invoke that high a level of investigation. Accidents happen, and nothing in Lily’s behavior or conversation suggests that this was anything scary.
– That said? Accidents need to be reported. If nothing else, some of them might reveal new things that have to be brought to the neurologist or primary care doctor, or open opportunities for us as family to help the staff find ways to work more safely and easily with Lily. So hopefully this little adventure helps them trust the system and work with it and not be scared by it.


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