A brief thought on family on this Father’s Day

My sister is living at home for the moment, as of the end of last week. My parents saw a weird, huge bruise when she was home for dinner, and mentioned it to my sister’s staff team manager. That person reported it to a boss up the chain, and now the staff are all suspended pending investigation. Lily had to get a doctor’s report, according to a state adult welfare worker, or my parents had to call the police. So Lily went to the doctor. Maybe it was an accident. Maybe it was not. I’m hoping it was an accident that someone just failed to communicate correctly. The idea that it could have been a more malicious thing, even an accident that was deliberately withheld, chills me deeply. For the most part, Lily adores her staff.

Yesterday I had a pretty good day. I walked about four miles and felt like the exercise helped me. I ate ice cream. Today, I’m having a hard time fending off vertigo and headache. Maybe it’s migraine; maybe it’s tension. And wow, is this a tense thing to hear. It’s moments like this that I remember that those of us who have siblings with disabilities sometimes feel more like parents than sibs.

Today is Father’s Day in the United States. Not all parents, regardless of identity, stick around to be parents to children with disabilities. My parents both did. It’s heartbreaking and yet oddly appropriate that on this day that we gave my dad presents to thank him for being there for us, he’s stepping up to his role so thoroughly.

I hope that everyone out there reading this has family in their lives, whether biological or chosen, and is able to enjoy or remember their love.


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