Family June birthdays 2012

On the phone with me on Mom’s birthday:

Lily: Ellie, tell…ask Mommy Happy Birthday!

(I mention this because Lily has had a lot of difficulty with distinguishing “ask” from “tell” when she is speaking to us in the years since she started trying to separate the two. This is one of the few times she got it right…and didn’t think she had.)

Lily indicates that she wants more to eat.
Dad: What would you like?
Lily: I want birthday cake!

(I should note here that Lily’s birthday is before Mom’s. She already had her birthday cake and ice cream. Well, okay, birthday vegan brownies and ice cream. She didn’t care as long as she tasted chocolate and got to have whipped cream on top.)


Mom told me that Lily seemed aware of time in a new way on her birthday this year. During the evening, Lily apparently told Mom that her birthday was over. And then asked if her birthday were “tomorrow.” (The party never ends with this one. *insert eyeroll here, from the decidedly introverted older sister to her extroverted sibling*)


I’m the last of the June birthdays, so I get to reflect on the others before I hit my own “wow, I’m getting old” introspection.


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