Stuff Lily Says

I was explaining to my mom that I was troubleshooting a computer issue while we were chatting on the phone recently. I was on speakerphone, and Lily was in the room. She piped up with a response that I couldn’t make out – she was too far away from the receiver – and Mom and Lily’s staffer burst into laughter. I asked my mom to clarify, having not understood what Lily said. She said, amidst her laughter, that Lily had advised me to “Call the IT guy.”

My jaw just about dropped. I am still not quite sure I believe it – where could Lily have learned that phrase?!? My father wouldn’t need IT assistance, and I don’t think my mom talks about the IT department in Lily’s hearing. Maybe she’s mentioned it at dinner one night? Maybe the staffers have talked with Lily about IT, or talked about IT in front of her? She doesn’t watch television programs that would mention IT.

You can tell I don’t quite believe that this happened. 😉

But if it’s true…wow!!!! That would be awesome. It would demonstrate not only that Lily has learned some new vocabulary, but that she was able to apply it correctly.


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