Quick post: where my brain is

I have so many posts stored as fragmented drafts right now it’s a little funny. Some of them need very careful attention before going public. Since I am finishing up one job now and will have to move and get settled into a new job over the next couple of months, that time may not be easy to find, although it may also come during moments of procrastination. All of this busy-ness good, but can be stressful – which means my health is wavering a bit. (I also have another series of doctor’s visits coming up. Should be helpful – these are followup/checkups – but still, sigh. Speaking of which: I’ll try to put something up for fibromyalgia awareness day, later this month!)

I also wanted to take a quick opportunity to make it clear that I welcome dialogue here (even if as of mid-2012 the volume of visitors is on the low end), and would be thrilled to have guest posts. The Story of Lily and Elysia is an unusual one even within the sibling community, I think, and while I love having a platform for our stories, I also love hearing other people’s stories and would be delighted to help other voices be heard. Interested? Let me know!


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