My sister is in the hospital again, in time for post #100

I had all of these cute little ideas for this, my 100th post on this blog. But two nights ago I found out that Lily had been admitted to the hospital, for the second time this year. The first time was for seizures that were out of control. This time, it is for an infection of unclear type. The doctors are apparently treating this as likely pneumonia, and she does seem to be responding to antibiotics.

I’m not as freaked out this time as I was last time. Lily’s supported living program staff are able to stay with her at the hospital during their normal shifts, so my parents are able to go home and get rest, shower, eat, etc., which is really helpful. Not to mention, it assuages my guilt about not being there; Lily needs constant monitoring in the hospital, because she removes anything and everything that’s attached to her. Thus, if her staff weren’t around, my parents would have had the thankless and sleepless job of being sure Lily wasn’t removing her IVs or monitors, and I am glad that they have help with that and I don’t have to fly home to do it. (The hospital does offer a service in which sitters can come and stay with patients, but they didn’t have any available when my folks needed a break, this time, before the staffers were on-duty.)

So here we are – my 100th post! My original plan was to have gotten here a good deal sooner, but hey: life happens, and this is a fairly arbitrary milestone. But the superstitious child in me hopes that whatever good luck could come with it goes to my sister, for a speedy and complete recovery…


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