Quick post: updates (9 Feb 2011)

Item: I mentioned recently that I had a great first date with someone, and that Lily had come up and it was a little weird to talk about her, but it was okay. I am pleased to report that the man with whom I had said date and I have now had a much more detailed chat about Lily; he did see some pictures of her on a social media site, but we actually also just were talking about stuff and the chance came up to discuss her. So we did, and he asked good questions, and said good things. I kind of hate phrasing it this way, because I’m not sure it conveys my feelings accurately, but I use people’s reactions to Lily as a kind of litmus test: if you can’t accept her existence in my life, at least, and her importance to me, you and I are not going to have a very deep relationship. This guy seriously impressed me by treating her as “just another person” in my life and as her own fascinating person, while acknowledging that growing up with her means I’ve been through a lot of stuff that has been…challenging.

Item: Lily had a hearing, or part of one, or something – yeah, I wasn’t there, I’m not sure about it – anyways, she had a thing during which her advocate and my parents and she and her staff and representatives from her current program and people with a legal role in her life were present. It always makes me laugh that a major criterion by which the state judges fitness for an independent living program is the ability to direct one’s own team, and that people assume that Lily can’t do that. She’s one of the best manipulators I’ve seen in action, and if she’s not controlling the room, she makes you know it. Zero question that she can, and does, manage her staff. Apparently, the legal people were able to see that in how she behaved, and I understand that she is not going to be denied the ability to be in an independent living program, for now. It also sounds like her current program won’t terminate her services until she’s got new services in place, which is a huge damned relief for me.

Item: we are now a couple of months out from the local walk to support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. I have just registered myself as a team captain and am about to gear up for the event in my area (hoping to do a fundraiser this year, and maybe print up shirts for team members). I’ve been using a science theme for the past few years (big surprise, I know) and am delighting in the idea of sending out emails on Saturday to announce my current plans to friends and family. (Saturday is the 202nd anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth. And Abraham Lincoln, too, but more people know that.) I won’t post a link to my team here or ask you to support NMSS, but I will say that if you’re reading this, and you’ve got any cash or time to spare, there are some really good causes out there that can use it.

And that is the news that I found relevant to share today.


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