My sister doesn’t understand phones

…which leads to some amusing situations. Like tonight. I was saying goodnight, and she was trying to participate in the sign-off process. I suspect that she was trying to come up with something new, since she typically goes with “be a good girl” or “take care” (it never seems to be “just” good-bye with her). And so “Thank you for coming!” popped out of her mouth. My mother and I started howling with laughter.

Lily doesn’t quite get phones, still, although she engages with creative play involving phone scenarios. She had a talking phone toy as a kid – you push one number on the keypad to call the firefighter, one to call the teacher, one to call the policeman, etc. She mimics us placing orders for take-out, receiving business calls, chatting with family, and hearing from friends. But when Mom jokes that I am in the phone or that I have fallen over if someone knocks the handset over (I’m normally on speakerphone), I fuss a little bit, because I really don’t want Lily to think that I am inside the phone or physically tied to it in any way.

That said, she is getting better at this: she didn’t used to understand that I wasn’t in the room when I was on speakerphone. She couldn’t leave voicemail messages, and now she can often complete a short script on her own without prompting. And I’m told that earlier today, there was a meeting with her advocates and staff and other personnel to help resolve the independent living issue, and I can only imagine that she picked up on the language used there. (Current status: she is to get services from her current program until another program can be found.)


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