Quick note: blog business, short entry

Blog business: I deleted the “share your story” page. I had been hoping people would post there, but nobody has, and hey, if other people want to join the party, I can always make a new page. For the record, I am interested in guest posts and facilitating conversations here. Some of us sibs feel too much like we’re alone or isolated in some way, and safe places to talk about sibling issues can help alleviate that (or so I tell myself).

I’m playing around with the visuals for the site; I picked up a new theme that I’m going to try out for awhile. Which is probably much more amusing for me than for you. 🙂

Something else that amuses me: people seem to be finding their way here while looking for information about the new Lady Gaga album, apparently titled “Born This Way.” So says the statistics page for the blog, at least. Not at all what they’re looking for, I’m sure, but hey, I think the title’s kinda cool, and so is Lady Gaga, so if nothing else, those searches have been informative for me. Coincidentally, one of my sister’s friends is a huge fan of hers, and had been planning on buying my sister a Lady Gaga album as a holiday gift. (Not sure what came of that.)

Short entry: My family is moving forward with testing out some other independent living programs for Lily, since her contract with the program she’s been with for two years has been terminated. I’m not asking too many questions right now, because I perceive that this adds to the stress of the situation,

Here’s what just occurred to me a few days ago: what I had hoped to be a stable, long-term care plan for my sister…wasn’t. As I navigate the world of internet dating sites and contemplate what will come next in my career, I think a lot about where I’ll end up living next. Presumably, I’ll be pursuing a tenure-track position, so it’s a place I’ll want to stay indefinitely, or at least for a good stretch – probably 10 years. I had been sad to think that, academic science jobs being what they are right now, there was a good chance that I’d end up living somewhere far away from my sister, keeping me out of the loop of her daily life…or that I’d have to be exceptionally lucky to get a job at one of the schools that would let me live near her. It never really sank in that her long-term care might shift from one program to another more rapidly than I might change jobs, and that the idea that I could possibly move her to where I am living was a viable option. Or, to be more accurate, once I had realized that there were long-term independent living programs and that Lily was doing well in one, I had dismissed from my mind the worry that it wouldn’t last. (Oh, well.)

Of course, moving her to me wouldn’t be as easy as just moving her. My parents, after all, won’t want to be away from us. Happily, that’s a bridge that won’t have to be crossed for awhile, but hey, it’s on my mind right now, given that I’ve recently been prompted to think about my career.


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