Shopping to help the Sibling Support Project!

I just got an email from Don Meyer, the director of the Sibling Support Project. I’d forgotten this, but the project has an Amazon portal. If you buy stuff on Amazon through this link (opens to new window), a donation will go to the SSP. Don’s email has a few more details:

Dear friend of Sibshops and the Sibling Support Project—
If you’re like me, you will start thinking about gifts for loved ones in the next few days. And, like me, you may prefer shopping online instead of heading out the mall.

If you are one of the millions who shop at Amazon, I have a favor to ask: Will you support the work of the Sibling Support Project by beginning your shopping by “entering” Amazon through the Sibling Support Project’s “Astore”?

You will get the same great deals you always get at Amazon, and Amazon will donate up to 6.5% of the purchase price to the Sibling Support Project!

Here’s the website for our Amazon Astore. Please add it to your favorites or bookmarks:
 You can shop for just about anything at our Astore.

Once you add something to your shopping cart from one of the below featured categories and proceed to checkout, you can then wander anywhere on Amazon. (And, if needed, you can yank any item out of your shopping cart prior to purchase.) Any eventual purchase made within 24 hours of entering the Astore will benefit the Sibling Support Project. 

• Books about sibs and families

• Books and materials for Sibshop providers

• Woodbine House’s Top 25 Books

• Any book on Amazon

• All music on Amazon

• Toys & Games

• Apparel & Accessories

• Camera & Photo

• Computer & Video Games

• Electronics

• Gourmet Food

• Jewelry & Watches

• Home & Garden

• Kitchen & Housewares

• Magazine Subscriptions

• MP3 Downloads

• Software

• Sports & Outdoors

• Tools & Hardware

Thank you for your support! Here’s the link again:

One last thing! If you’d like to celebrate the holidays with a direct gift to the Sibling Support Project please click here. Those who give at the $100+ level get a free copy of our newest book, Thicker than Water: Essays by adult siblings of people with disabilities!

Wishing you all the best,

Don Meyer

Director, Sibling Support Project

PS—In case you were wondering, we never know who buys what, so we’ll never know you bought grandpa a subscription to Playboy.

PSS—If you think this is a cool way to do good while doing the inevitable holiday shopping, will you please share this email with others?

Per the P.P.S. (yes, it should be P.P.S, not P.S.S.; sorry, Don), I am passing this along to anyone who stops by my little blog. I haven’t traditionally been much of an online shopper, but this looks like an easy way to help out sibs while doing your shopping, for those out there who are more frequent Amazon users than I am.


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