Happy National Coming Out Day!

Why am I mentioning National Coming Out Day on a blog about being the sister of a woman with disabilities? Well, because one of my hopes in writing this blog is to help promote understanding of my sister’s differences, and I am equally a believer in helping anyone’s differences be accepted. I also have a lot of friends who identify as queer. Thankfully, many of them came out to families whose love for them didn’t change. However, most of them have still experienced discrimination, bullying, harrassment, and more, from within their families and from society.

It can be hard to truly accept people as they are, including differences that feel scary or shocking. It’s worth every bit of effort to do it, though, because – as is, you know, the theme here – we are all born in ways that make us different from each other. Together, we can make the world more inclusive, by learning to treat each other as people, not just as disability, gender, or orientation.

If you haven’t yet, please check out the YouTube channel started by Dan Savage: It Gets Better. (See the column where the idea was launched here.) If you are struggling with feeling different, know that it can and will get better, and you are not alone.

May we all be happy with and loved for who we are!


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