Quick note: sibs on television

It’s not exactly a show that I like watching, but hey, Entertainment Tonight happened to be on tonight’s schedule between college football and NCIS, which I do like.

Anyways, they just ran a story about a fundraiser for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, where Jamie Foxx was in attendance with his sister, DeOndra Dixon, who was featured in the fashion show. The coverage was just a bit too sickly sweet – the hosts were just a liiiiiittle too close to the Super Crip stereotype – but Mr. Foxx’s statements were the perfect blend of honesty about life not being perfect and a warmth that indicates that he really loves his sister. (A quick web search led me to a note about this on the Huffington Post that links to the show’s website.)

Mr. Foxx, as a fellow sibling, thank you for your advocacy. Ms. Dixon, I like your style – keep on rockin’.


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