Family and sibling humor

For some reason, Lily has recently taken to telling my parents that she’s not Lily. This seems to occur frequently at dinnertime, and follows the following pattern:

Parent: “Lily, please use your fork.”
Lily: “I’m not Lily!”
Parent: “Who are you?”
Lily: “I’m Lily!”

Sometimes she insists that she’s Lady Lily, or she keeps saying she’s not Lily. Anyways, last night, Mom and Lily were both on speakerphone, talking with me. I forget how we got into it, but the same conversation started up…and then took an unusual turn.

(conversational trigger)
Lily: “I’m not Lily?”
Elysia: “Well, then, who are you?”
Lily: “What?”
Mom: “Elysia asked you who are you.”
Lily, somewhat quietly: “I’m…a mushroom!”
Mom and Elysia, then Lily: (laughing)

…then Mom asked Lily what kind of a mushroom she was, button or shiitake, and Lily chose shiitake. Now, to be fair, one of Lily’s nicknames has been Lady Mushroom for quite some time (“she’s small, sort of round, and brown” – which mirrors my own infant nickname of Peanut, since I was brown and somewhat peanut-shaped, apparently), and one that she seems to like a lot. So this didn’t exactly come out of nowhere. I was amused that she actually picked another identity instead of defaulting to herself, especially since she picked something so appropriate. It’s entertaining, having inside jokes.

This may have been one of those “you had to have been there” stories, but I like relating our more humorous adventures sometimes.


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