Even when it’s boring, life is exciting

I haven’t posted here in a little while, which wasn’t my intention. But life happens, doesn’t it?

In fact, the only reason I’m sitting at my computer writing something here is that I am home sick. It’s not anything bad – I’ve had my share of really knock-down colds – but it’s enough to keep me from heading in to work. This has caused me some consternation. Yesterday, I had a low-grade fever (but the sort you feel over every inch of your body), some body aches (including dental pain), and some sinus-related discomfort. I wasn’t sure that I was actually sick, in fact, and it wasn’t until I had spent most of the day sleeping that I realized that I wouldn’t have been so tired after so much sleep if I were fully healthy. (I’ve been sick often enough in the past two years that I know this about myself.) So I’m taking a second day to stay home, although I’m going to try to do some computer-based work later, after a nap, and I’ve been trying to keep up on important emails.

In the meantime, far, far away? My sister hasn’t been feeling great. (It’s really a bit unnerving how often this happens.) I tried to talk to my family last night, without telling them I was sick, because what good does that do, only to have to tell them because it became unavoidable. While I was being all angsty about that, my sister was all angsty about who knows what, and took to screaming and being irritating. Just greaaaaat. Poor kid has been sneezing and apparently has had a lot of sinus congestion, though, so even while I’m frustrated by her shutting down my phone call attempts (again and again and again, sometimes even willfully), I can’t say I don’t understand. Hey, I can even relate! I told my mom I felt like the last thing she needed was to have me not feeling well on top of my sister’s antics.

Maybe someday I will unpack my guilt over needing my parents when Lily does, too, in a way that reduces its power.

So, like I said in the title: even in the relative boring state of being home sick, alone? My life has its excitement. Speaking of which: Happy belated Canada Day! Happy early 4th of July! Stay healthy!


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