Welcome, SP readers!

Recently, BTW friend SweetMachine and I had a fun discussion about a blog post someone else had written, and that chat bloomed into a full-fledged dissection of the column that had spurred the blog post. (Lost yet? *grin*) SweetMachine told me that I should write up my thoughts as a guest post for Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose, for which she has been an excellent blogger and mod. I told her I would only do that if she acted as my editor. She agreed, so today, many people saw my guest post and some have wandered over here! Welcome!

This is also an appropriate juncture, I think, at which to share a recent thought I’ve been having about the nature of my blog. The reaction has been pretty good to the post, which amuses me: of all of the essays or papers I have ever or will ever write about evolution, this consideration of an evolutionary psychology blog post is probably going to be the most widely read. In the meantime, I feel more and more removed from my scientist self when dealing with my sister and family, and have felt like that part of myself has found very little expression here at BTW recently. (Funny how emotion can override years of training, isn’t it?) Which explains the last post and the explosion of all-caps and extra paragraph marks that happened partway through. 😉 Anyways, I’m hoping to get back to narratives here soon, maybe some accounts of mixing professional life and personal life in the wake of some interesting research papers that have come out recently, and some other “big” sibling issues – I’ve been working on a set of posts about the role of religion in my family’s experiences, for instance, and also on a revisitation of Glee. (Yes, I’m still watching! I still love the music! I still feel bewildered by the show’s treatment of PWD and their lives and families!)

So, again, if you’re new here, welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here!


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