Quick post: the r-word takes some hits

You may or may not have read my post on Glee and my discomfort with it. Well, tonight I caught the most recent episode online. I’m still not sure how I feel about the show, but:


There was this incredibly interesting scene where Finn and Kurt are having it out, because Finn is moving in with them (as his mother, Kurt’s dad’s girlfriend, is moving in with him). Finn says some really awful stuff that reveals some homophobia, and Kurt’s dad comes in and lambastes him. Aside from calling him out for using hateful language regarding sexuality, he pulled out some other examples: like not using “retarded” as a slur against a friend with Down syndrome.

Like I said, I’m still torn about whether this show is going to stay on my list of things to watch. But at least they made the effort to point out why retarded is not a word to be used as a casual slur.


After watching the show, I wandered over to my browser to do some web surfing. Lo and behold, I found an announcement about a piece of legislation that is moving through Congress. It’s supposed to remove the r-word from federal legislation.

I’m honestly not sure whether it’s entirely appropriate to do this – I’d like to have medically accurate terminology used when it’s appropriate, and if it’s appropriate, then by all means the fed should be able to use it. And the little synopsis makes me feel like the proposed bill is more lip service to political correctness than actual effort to eradicate troublesome language from government documents. (But I’m pretty jaded. Your mileage may vary.) That said, I’m pleased that even what could be simple lip service is moving forward, because it’s important to recognize any progress towards treating PWD as people.


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