A confluence of events = poor Lily

I’ve explained recently how weird it is for me to be on the sidelines of LIly’s growing communications problems. I say growing because, as I didn’t explain, her experiences and worldview are growing nicely, and she’s in ever-increasing need of vocabulary and conceptual frameworks to order and relate these experiences. I’ve also mentioned how her seizure behavior is on an uptick, and may or may not have mentioned that one of her prescriptions is being adjusted by her neurologist. You’ve read about my feelings of jealousy that Lily gets my parents’ attention for medical necessities when I just want some attention, and how she and I seem to experience a lot of physical discomfort at the same time as each other, hundreds to thousands of miles apart.

Today, the confluence of those factors resulted in a fabulous, typical but not really situation. My cell phone ran out of power while I was talking with my parents, getting ready to show them via webcam a new piece of furniture I got recently. I attempted to call them back to see if they were ready for this, and got a busy signal, which I assumed (correctly) meant that Lily had called. Eventually, they came back, and we got the webcam thing straightened out. After other conversations and admiration of the new furniture, my mom and I ended up talking about Lily’s phone call. Turns out that she had a headache, and her assistant wanted to know what the preferred course of action might be. Mom’s opinion is that Lily might be having a migraine, as she indicated that her eye hurt. I concurred, for reasons you’ll learn in the next paragraph, and suggested giving her a Coke and Excedrin (a combination that works remarkably well for my own migraines). Oh, did I mention that my mother has long suffered premenstrual migraines? And that I just started my period, and Lily and I still seem to have parallel discomforts with hormonal cycling? Yeah, it’s a fun family.

So, I feel bad for the kid. In pain, without the words to articulate what hurts and how. In a family where even without her additional issues she might have had discomforts aplenty. In competition with her sister for parental phone time. *sigh* Let’s hope her week gets better from here.


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