Quick note: I hate and love talking to my sister

Lily was at home for dinner all this week because my parents had stuff going on. (I’ve mentioned that Lily goes home for dinner almost every night, right? Which you would do, too, if you had eaten my mom’s cooking before.) Since I normally call to say hi and see how everyone is doing just after they’ve finished dinner, that means I’ve missed talking to her.

And you know what? I’ve actually missed talking to her. That said…I’ve called her at her apartment to talk to her during such times, and have had some very boring conversations with her. She acts very differently on the phone in her apartment compared to being at our parents’ house. I’m not sure she understands how phones work well enough to put it all together. Invariably, she decides to blossom into active conversation just when I need to hang up. Like tonight – my cellphone battery died, and when I called back, her assistant for the evening shift asked her why she started talking to me when I had gone away (and we both laughed). Lily was much more animated after that, although we still had some silences, which are okay.

It’s just strange. We’re so…I don’t know…separate? right now. We’ve each got a lot of stuff to deal with. She’s frankly quite irritating when I talk to her with her yelling and repetitive conversations and insistence on stealing the spotlight, but it doesn’t feel right not to have some connection with her.


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