Quick note: old habits die hard

I call home a lot to check on everyone, and to let them know that I’m still alive and healthy. (Or sick and in need of care packages!) Ever since high school, though, when I called home to ask for rides home after the math tutoring sessions I attended and sometimes got no answer because Lily was having a seizure, I get worried when nobody picks up the phone.

That happened last night.

Of course, by this point in time, we all have cell phones, and I know that my parents sometimes actually go out and do stuff, now that Lily’s not home all the time. Thus, I called one of the other phones a little while later. Definitely not an emergency. Turns out my folks were invited to dinner…at Lily’s apartment! Which makes me happy. Mom didn’t have to cook dinner, Lily got to have company – and there was sparkling apple cider to drink, so it must have been quite festive. 🙂 I know that it will be hard for me to stop worrying whenever the phone doesn’t get answered, but it’s reassuring to think that now I can replace some of those thoughts with positive ones.


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