My first blog year, and Lily’s first year away

I’ve been thinking a lot these past few days about the fact that March 1 will mark the end of the first year that Lily has had her own apartment. I’m trying to think of something that I can do, from a distance, to help her (and her team) celebrate. Right now I’m thinking of funding a field trip to a local hamburger joint that my family likes, and which will accomodate the vegetarians and meat lovers alike. (Our nuclear family has a growing tradition of celebrating events by getting Japanese food – and Lily adores the udon with tempura dish that the local place offers – but it might be beyond my financial reach to sponsor that.) I also just found out that my account with a photo printing service will let me make a mosaic that’s the right size for a small poster, so I may pursue that and have it delivered to Lily’s apartment. I’ll figure something out, especially with the help of my parents, who are also hoping to do something for this milestone.

In the meantime, I sort of missed the fact that I’ve been keeping this blog for a year. It hasn’t at all turned out the way I had expected, but I think I like what it’s becoming. My main regret is that I haven’t had the chance to post more often, to keep abreast of breaking news and things that happen every day in our lives, because with the burgeoning health care debate here in the US, the aftermath of the various deployments of our armed forces, and the colorful characters on our national political scene, there have been a lot of ways that disability and family issues have become discussion points. Now that I’ve finished my PhD, though, I’ve got more flexibility with my schedule, and anticipate being able to post much more regularly (as current readers may have noticed).

Anyways, happy anniversary + one week to the blog! Since it’s my life, I can tell you that year two will feature both of us sisters taking further steps into independence, so stay tuned for more stories!


One Comment on “My first blog year, and Lily’s first year away”

  1. Mrs. Hansen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I know that this blog isn’t just for your friends, but it means a lot to me that you’ve let us in to learn the more intimate aspects of your relationship with Lily. It’s also given me a better understanding of your PoV of the world and I love you all the more for it! Keep it up, I look forward to all of your future posts. xop

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